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The sound of silence: Terrace TownHomes earn top scores for noise reduction

October 12, 2022

Your home is your private haven—or should be. You don’t want the intrusion of noisy neighbors interrupting your personal space. People who live in attached homes can still detach from the people (and sounds) coming from next door. Like you, we respect the sound of silence, which is why Terrace TownHomes has made the effort to earn top scores for noise reduction.

Sound Transmission Class—or STC—measures the effectiveness of an interior partition’s ability to prevent sound from penetrating it. Acoustic experts have conducted research and developed the STC rating system to classify the sound that penetrates a divider (wall, window, door):

STC      Privacy

25        Normal speech can be understood.

30        Loud speech can be understood.

35        Loud speech is audible but not intelligible.

40        Loud speech is audible but as a murmur.

45        Loud speech is heard but not audible.

50        Loud sounds are faintly heard.

60+      Good soundproofing; most sounds are not heard by neighbors.

A good STC rating for a wall or partition is 50. But you’re investing in a home for the long-term, so you should expect more.

Don’t settle for “good”

We don’t think “good enough” is actually good enough, so Terrace TownHomes does more. The common walls in our townhomes earn an STC of 60 to 64. Our GreenSide Homes are built to a higher standard for energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience. To achieve maximum noise reduction, we adhere to the National Bureau of Standards for Noise Control.

Sound passes through a partition in several ways because there’s not enough mass to block the noise or absorb the vibrations. To strengthen the barrier, you need to increase three aspects of the wall: the insulation, air, and density. So, here are the extra steps for noise reduction that are built into each of our townhomes:

  • Double wall studs 
  • 2 layers of 2-inch thermafiber sound insulation
  • 2-inch “H” steel studs between 1-foot gypsum panels
  • 2 layers of air space to absorb vibrations

For your safety, we also construct your townhome’s walls to meet 2-hour, fire-resistance rated standards. 

The measure of real value

When you’re looking for a townhome, it can be hard to tell how much noise permeates the shared walls, particularly if the neighboring residence isn’t occupied. Ask the builder about the STC rating and the steps they take for noise reduction. Don’t risk buyer’s remorse because of walls that just don’t keep your privacy in and the neighbors out!

Terrace TownHomes has new townhomes for sale in the Denver suburbs of Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and Arvada. Our standard features include many extras that other builders consider “upgrades”, like the roll-up glass door to your patio and a long list of GreenSide energy-efficient measures.

When you’re ready to get more for your investment, explore our 3D virtual tours and then reach out to us at Terrace TownHomes for the unique lifestyle experience we offer.

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